AZZ Has Joined the Powder Coating Club!

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AZZ Inc. Opened a Powder Coating Facility in Texas. Parker Ionics is proud of the fact that we are constantly growing our business. By growing our business, we are helping your business grow too.  By providing our customers the best and most advanced equipment we possibly can! One of our customers, AZZ Inc, is a […]

Why Becoming a Member of the P.C.I is Worth It!

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The Benefits of Joining P.C.I! Quality is one of the most important factors in a successful business. This is particularly true in the powder coating industry. There needs to be quality control and special attention to detail when powder coating a product. The Powder Coating Institute or PCI is dedicated to helping its members achieve […]

Parker Ionics announces the addition of Bill Van Buren as National Accounts Manager

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  Van Buren joins Parker Ionics Organization effective May 23, 2017 Westland, MI – May 23, 2017 — Parker Ionics is proud to announce the appointment of Bill Van Buren to the position of National Accounts Manager.  Bill’s primary focus will be on the continued sales growth of powder related equipment sold through our largest […]

Parker Ionics and Edco

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Parker Ionics: Fast, Friendly and Willing to Help! Parker Ionics may be a smaller company, however because of that our customers get fast, friendly and personal service with every order. The powder coating booths we provide are customized for every order and vary in size and capabilities depending on customer needs. Edco Products has witnessed […]

Ground……………….yeah it’s overrated……or is it??

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Why proper grounding is important to you….. You’d think that when I mention how critical a good ground is to successful powder coating that I’ve attacked the coater’s integrity or their family. I get this look….one of “of course I know how important ground is”. After all, grounding is described in all powder coating and […]

QC1000 Powder Coating Spray Booth

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The Parker Ionics QC1000 powder coating spray booth is free-standing and portable. The spray booth is ideal for laboratories spraying test panels or job shops needing to coat small batches quickly for wide range of parts such as medical devices, automotive aftermarket parts, custom wheels, or refinishing of OE wheels. The setup, maintenance, and cleaning […]

Powder Coating in Hot Humidity

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Powder Coating Tips for Hot, Humid Conditions Parker Ionics Regional Sales Manager, Mike Nugent, recently responded to a question from a powder coater in Vietnam, that’s having issues with coating in the extreme humidity. Many of us have experience changes or have difficulties coating in the hot, humid summer months. Here’s some great points to […]

GX131 Lightweight Manual Powder Coating Gun

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GX131 and GX121 Lightweight Manual Powder Coating Guns Specifications Prime Feature Pulse Power is applicable with all controllers High Voltage Source High voltage generator built into gun body Gun Cable Input Voltage 24V as maximum (AC peak value) Output Voltage 100 kV maximum (STD polarity: negative) Short Circuit Current Set at 50 µA ( STD) […]

4 Different Benefits of Powder Coating for Companies Using Parker Ionics

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Parker Ionics in Westland, MI has a question for manufacturers. What can powder coating do for your product?  Many companies may be inclined to say very little because they might not know of the advantages. What Parker Ionics wants to do is challenge manufacturers to discover for themselves the capabilities and benefits of modern powder […]

4 Reasons Parker Ionics Powder Coating is Key to Manufacturing Success

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Generally, when a manufacturer gains success in this competitive market, leadership begins to ask the question: How can we continue to improve our product for the benefit of our clients and suppliers and do it efficiently and effectively?  This question is very important. Some companies even organize special teams and hire experts to analyze and […]