Powder coating benefits & Optimizing your Powder operation

Parker Ionics is a world leading producer of powder coating equipment in the global market.  Our products are well built and designed to give total control to the user, making powder coating a more universally available finishing procedure for manufacturers.  Constant technological advancement is a major goal for the Parker Ionics team of engineers, because the further powder coating advances, the more this highly beneficial process will be available and utilized.

Parker Ionics wants to see powder coating used for these three reasons, among many:

  • Powder coating provides a more durable, longer lasting coat than traditional finishing methods and gives a longer lifespan to whatever products it is applied to.
  • Thanks to the powder reclamation process, which recycles un-bonded powder particles, powder coating is the greenest, most sustainable finishing method available.
  • No VOC’s are put into the atmosphere, which is the major problem with spray paint finishing.

Furthering technology to provide superior products, so that powder coating can be used by manufacturers all over the world, is number one on Parker Ionics’ list of priorities.  A close second is providing support for powder coating systems owners, so that their operations can be optimized and running as efficiently as possible.

That’s why Parker Ionics is hosting a PCI system optimization clinic called Optimizing Your Powder Operation on Tuesday, June 11th and Wednesday, June 12th here in Westland, MI. 


This clinic will offer systems owners and operators a wealth of knowledge, and provide every tool necessary to understand how to get the best possible performance out of your powder coating systems.


At the Optimizing Your Powder Operation clinic, you will get:

  • Two days of hands on training with industry experts!
  • Learn about the latest industry technology, and how to use it!
  • Gain skills and knowledge for career development, and take home the Powder Coating Finisher’s Handbook!

If you are in charge of a powder coating operation, or are an operator, this clinic will be highly informative and helpful in gaining total knowledge of your system.  Don’t miss this invaluable educational opportunity!  Contact Parker Ionics with any questions, or see our blog for more information about powder coating systems.



This article is brought to you by the team at Parker Ionics, your provider of technologically advanced powder coating guns, booths, and equipment available in the global market.

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