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“We provide the most technologically advanced powder coating equipment available on the world market”

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Powder Coating Booths

Powder Coating Booth

Parker Ionics is a US manufacturer of advanced powder coating booths.

We provide engineered-to-order powder coating spray booths for superior powder transfer efficiency, operator safety and comfort, and powder containment.

Our Spray-To-Waste (Q-Flo) and Reclaim (Vari-Flo) booths are designed to meet the demands of the toughest metal finishing needs.

  • Cartridge filter and Cyclone style powder coating booths
  • Spray to waste powder coating booths
  • Reclaim powder coating booths
  • Quick color change

Powder Coating Booth

Our powder coating booth designs are simple, yet technologically advanced to meet the demanding challenges of:

  • Operator Safety
  • Environmental compliance
  • Production capacity and operational efficiency
  • Color changeover
  • Air management - for safety, quality and efficiency
  • Maintenance

Why our Powder Coating Booths are better:

# Benefits of our Powder Booths Due To
1 Robust, longer lasting, more durable, quieter Heavier gauge steel than others, well built
2 Reduced noise, quieter Low RPM Fans
3 Extended filter life, reduced filter parts and labor costs Higher fan static pressure capabilities
4 Increased powder transfer efficiency and increased 1st pass yield Optimum geometric booth design along with controlled air flow provide better booth air balance
5 Optimum, cost effective lighting Full clear polycarbonate roof to allow for high intensity lighting from outside the classified area
6 US Manufactured All booths are completely built in the US and shop assembled in our Michigan plant. Optimal control of quality and delivery schedule
7 Training Facility Team and individual training in both classroom and in-plant settings
8 Installation Services Installation supervision, assembly and startup

Powder Coating Booth

The powder booth is one of the most critical components of the product finishing process. It is important that state-of-the-art powder booth components, technologies and processes are used.

Gun Movers

  • Rotary Arm Movers (RAM)
  • Oscillator
  • Reciprocators

Part Detection Systems

  • Line gap sensing
  • Line gap sensing with vertical zoning
  • XY positioning
  • Z axis


  • Rotary
  • Vibratory

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