Our powder coating spray guns use patented Pulse Power technology to deliver superior powder coating coverage and transfer efficiency across all types of applications. Select an image below to see more information.

Manual Powder Coating Guns GX132

Our lightweight manual powder coating gun’s features include:

  • Achieve high-quality coating through the use of Super Pulse Power®, a High voltage/Low current charging method that minimizes free ions.
  • Handling is easier due to their lightweight design and easy-to-hold gun grip.
  • Negative charge is standard, but positive charge is available
  • Cup Gun is available with the GX121C fitted with a cup-type powder coating hopper attached to the end of the gun barrel. Accommodates small batch spray tests.

Standard Automatic Powder Coating Gun Allows Quick Color Changes

One-touch air purge allows faster, easier clean up during powder coating color changes.
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GX132 Lightweight Manual Powder Coating Gun

GX132 Powder Coating Gun is a state-of-the-art manual spray gun.

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Laser Cutting Services

GX121C Powder Coating Spray Gun

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Abrasive Blasting Services

CNC Bending Services

GX531 Powder Coating Spray Gun

Sleek design minimizes powder accumulation.  Compatible with all generations of Pulse Power

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