Q-FLO Series Powder Coating Booths

The Q-Flo series of powder coating booths is designed to be flexible, yet provide the optimum conditions for successful application of powder coatings. Whether configured for batch coating, conveyorized manual coating or conveyorized automatic coating, these booths provide a fully functional enclosure designed with the application in mind.

Parker Ionics’ Q-FLO booths are all custom designed to fit your needs without the “premium” pricing normally associated with getting the system designed to your specifications.

Our technical team will work with you to optimize the powder coating of your parts, then develop the blueprint for your planning and implementing the process.

Powder Coating Booths – Q FLO Spray to Waste Series

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Quick Color Change System

Parker Ionics offers a quick color change system for its Q-FLO series of booths. This enables the operator to effectively switch between multiple color options by removing five quick disconnect hoses and installing them into the new color position on the manifold located on the Q-Flo booth wall. Up to (20) colors can be ready using from a 5lb to 100+ pound hoppers. This is a cost effective way to improve efficiency in a batch and a job shop environment.


Hoppers are available from 2 liter to 100+ pounds. Box feed units can also be used easily in the Q-FLO booths. Visit hopper page