Powder Coating Accessories

Powder Coating Accessories

powder gun mover, powder coating barrel, a hose, and a powder gun extension

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Our powder coating accessories and equipment help make your coating jobs easier.

a worker powder coats some equipment in a white safety suit

Powder Coating Gun Accessories and Equipment

Parker Ionics supplies everything you need to start or grow your powder coating business. Whether you have a powder coating booth, powder coating line, or you perform coating services at the job site, we have the powder coating accessories and equipment you need.

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CodeFlex Powder Coating Hoses

Parker Ionics CodeFlex Hoses

  • CodeFlex powder gun hose resists powder buildup, clogging, and kinking.
  • Robust and durable material and thickness.
  • Custom-cut lengths to improve the coating process.
  • Anti-static hoses with maximum airflow.
Gun Extensions

This nozzle is amazing for powder coating the hard to reach places

  • Amazing results when used to powder coat inside of pipes and tubes
  • Available in fan spray and diffuser spray models
  • Suitable for hard to reach areas such as inside of tubes and other tight areas
Gun Movers

Parker Ionics Gun Movers

  • Rotary Arm Movers (RAM)
  • Oscillator
  • Reciprocators
  • Z-Axis movers
Large Capacity Hoppers

The Parker Ionics large capacity powder coating hoppers are ideal for continuous powder lines.

  • Available in 100,150,200, and 250 LB Capacities
  • Large Capacity Reduces Downtime
  • Rotary and Vibratory Sieve Version Available
  • Mini Cyclone
  • Multiple Injector Capability
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Power exhauster shown is standard
Part Detection Systems

Parker Ionics Part Detection Systems

  • Parker 200: Simple yet effective. PLC based, effective control gun triggering and line gap control. Includes auto purge function.
  • Parker 300: Parker 200 Series plus light var technology to provide vertical zoning.
  • Parker 500: Advanced PLC based auto gun system includes all of the above plus global recipe programming/use, Z-Axis control, and advanced maintenance alerts.
Powder Unloaders

Parker Ionics Powder Unloaders