Powder Coating Booths
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Simple on the Outside.
Advanced Technology on the Inside.

Our powder coating booths keep the powder where it belongs- on the part and in the booth.

  • Spray zone air velocities design for optimal transfer efficiency 
  • Custom engineered to be the quietest booths in the market
  • Robust construction, heavy gauge stainless steel or aluminized steel
  • Clear polycarbonate roof for optimal lighting
  • ETL listed

Powder Coating Hoppers - Parker Ionics - booths

Powder Coating Booths Including Recovery Systems

Parker Ionics manufactures powder coating spray booths that are designed, engineered and built-to-order for your specific needs. And, our high-efficiency powder coating booths can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Our Powder Coating Booths Feature:

  • Complete Customization
  • Superior Transfer Efficiency
  • Operator Safety and Comfort
  • Powder Containment and Recovery

Standard Powder Coating Booths

Our standard powder coating booth designs are simple, yet technologically advanced to meet the demanding challenges of:

  • Operator Safety
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Production Capacity and Operational Efficiency
  • Color change over
  • Air Management - for Safety, Quality and Efficiency
  • Maintenance

Reclaim and Spray-to-Waste Spray Booths

Our Spray-To-Waste (Q-FLO) and Reclaim (Vari-FLO) booths are designed to meet the demands of the toughest metal finishing needs.

Our Powder Coating Booths Feature:

  • Cartridge Filter and Cyclone Style Powder Coating Spray Booths
  • Spray-to-Waste Powder Coating Spray Booths
  • Reclaim Powder Coating Spray Booths
  • Quick Color Change