Powder Coating Nozzles
Powder Coating Nozzles
powder coating nozzle from parker ionics

Consistent Spray Patterns.
Complete, Uniform Spray Coverage.

We have the nozzle configurations you need for powder coating every shape, every finish, and every part.

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High-Performance Powder Coating Spray Nozzles for Dramatic Results

Parker Ionics offers a wide variety of Powder Coating Spray Nozzles, including Adjustable Fan Sprays, to enhance your powder coating abilities. Spray nozzles can be used with an extension on your powder coating gun, helping you get into hard-to-reach places like inside pipes and tubes, or they can be used to produce a specific pattern. When you choose Parker Ionics Spray Guns you get the industry's best powder coating guns and a large variety of clog-proof nozzles to use with them.

"W" Nozzle for 131/132 gun

"W" Nozzle for GX131/132 Gun

  • Easily adjustable to three distinct fan pattern widths
  • Easy to clean
  • Low-velocity spray pattern
  • Designed for optimal powder charging
Adjustable Fan Nozzles

The Adjustable Fan Nozzle is used on the GX506 and GX531 automatic spray gun.

  • This nozzle allows you to manually adjust the width of the spray pattern
  • Fan spray pattern
  • Robust design for long life
Diffuser Nozzle for Powder Coating Guns

The Parker Ionics Diffuser Nozzle is used with our GX131/132 powder COATING spray guns.

  • This nozzle diffuses the powder cloud/air mixture to create different spray patterns.
  • The powder cloud/air mixture sprayed from the gun is diffused to create a hemisphere pattern.
  • The pattern can be changed by substituting various diffuser diameters.
Long Barrel Nozzles

The Parker Ionics Long Barrel Nozzles are for use with the GX131/132 manual spray guns.

  • This Nozzle is designed for powder coating the hard to reach places
  • Available in fan spray and diffuser spray models
  • Ideal for hard to reach areas such as inside of tubes and other tight areas
Powder Coating Swirl Nozzle

The Parker Ionics Swirl Nozzle is designed to fit the GX506 and GX531 automatic spray guns.

  • Swirling air changes the pattern during spraying without suspending the operation
  • There are four types of outer heads available with I.D.s of 12mm, 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm
Powder Proof Outer Heads

These powder-proof heads are used on the GX506 and GX531 automatic spray guns.

  • Available in 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm powder proof outer head sizes
  • Minimizes the buildup of powder on vertically oriented automatic powder guns
Standard T-Type Fan Nozzle

The Parker Ionics Standard T-Type Fan Nozzle is for use with the GX506 and GX531 automatic spray guns.

  • Very good for recessed parts and faraday cages
  • Low-velocity spray pattern provides softer powder flow
  • The standard nozzle on all automatic guns
Wide Pattern Corona

The Wide Pattern Corona is designed to fit the GX506 and GX531 automatic spray guns.

  • The industry's most uniform spray pattern spanning 18″
  • Exclusively available through Parker Ionics
  • Multiple (8) corona charged tips