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About Us
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Get the Powder Coating Solutions You Need to Grow Your Business

Our team of professionals works closely with our customers to bring about creative, robust, and reliable solutions to complex powder coating application challenges. Our competitively priced solutions employ state-of-the-art technologies, focus on industry best practices, and are of the highest quality. With a vast experience of powder coating products, from OE and Custom Automotive Wheels, MDF, Extrusions, Piping, Aftermarket Automotive Accessories, Lighting Reflector, Electrical Boxes, Jewelry, Bicycles and much more, no job is too small or big for Parker Ionics.

We’ll carefully work with you and your team to analyze the optimum powder coating equipment for your specific needs. We look forward to working with you!

Our product line includes:

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The Pioneers in Pulse Power™ Technology

Simply put, we provide the most technologically advanced powder coating equipment available on the world market. Our patented Pulse Power technology improves overall gun performance and transfer efficiencies by pulsing the electrostatic charge to the charging electrode several times a second. This continuous pulsing prevents a build-up of free ions on the electrode, resulting in a superior finish at extremely high transfer efficiencies. The rapid on-off-on-off of the charge allows the powder to be carried into recessed or Faraday Cage areas without detrimental electrostatic effects. Also, reducing free ions minimizes back-ionization for an even smoother, higher quality finish.

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Leading Supplier of High-Tech Powder Coating Systems & Application Equipment

Parker Ionics is a leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of advanced powder coating systems, powder coating spray booths and powder coating spray guns and application equipment. Our low-maintenance manual and automatic electrostatic powder coat application equipment offer enhanced transfer efficiency, component flexibility, and ergonomic design. Parker Ionics is the US subsidiary of Nihon Parkerizing Co., LTD of Japan and a division of Parker Engineering America.