Powder Coating Guns

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No Bells or Whistles.
Just a High Tech Workhorse
Built to Last.

Parker Ionics powder coating guns are the first to provide superior Faraday penetration, transfer efficiency and finish quality, all in a single setting gun.

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In Our Line of Work, You Are Only as Good as Your Finished Product

At Parker Ionics, we believe investing in our powder coating technology and designing equipment that gives you exceptional results is more important than adding a bunch of features you may never use.

Our complete powder coating units for manual and automatic operation arrive to you 99% assembled. Everything you need to get started is contained within each unit. Parker Ionics powder coating guns utilize incoming air efficiently, provide excellent velocity, and deliver a consistent, full powder cloud.  One coat, multi-coats, metallics, clear- it doesn’t matter. Just one setting and you can do it all. Minimized back ionization and orange peel plus excellent Faraday cage penetration.  Results in excellent coverage job after job!


Complete Powder Coating Units featuring Pulse Power®

  • Analog Series
  • “Set It and Forget It” Technology
  • Features the Industry’s Lightest GX132 Electrostatic Handgun with Multiple Nozzle Options
  • Independent Powder Flow and Velocity Control
  • Excellent Low-Flow and Faraday Cage Penetration
  • Available as Box, Hopper, Stationary and Cup Feed Units
Proficy® SERIES

The Parker Ionics Proficy® Series complete powder coating units feature Super Pulse Power®.

  • Full Digital Control
  • Fourth Generation Patented Pulse Power
  • Independent Control of Powder Output, Airflow, Gun Voltage and Current
  • Features the GX141 Electrostatic Handgun with or without back of gun control
  • Available in standard or dual feed
  • Highest Transfer Efficiency in the Industry, Resulting in Lower Operating Costs
  • Smoother Surface Finishes, Excellent Faraday Cage Penetration and Multiple Injector Configurations