What is Pulse Power and how does it work?

Pulse power is a charging technology that allows us to charge powder using high voltage (100 kV) and low current (~10 uA). This is achieved through the use of Pulse Width Modulation where by varying the duty cycle (on time vs. off time) we can optimize the current flow for superior Faraday cage penetration and high transfer efficiency. We deliver the benefits of high voltage (100 kV) for high transfer efficiency along with the benefits of low current flow (~10 uA) for Faraday cage penetration and ultra-smooth finishes.

I’ve heard that grounding parts is important, but why is that?

We are truly ground fanatics. It is our opinion that proper grounding of parts to be coated is the single-most important part of successful powder coating. While resistance to ground of < 1 MOhm is defined as necessary for powder coating, this is a personnel safety specification only. The optimum resistance to ground for powder application is zero (0) ohms, i.e. direct contact with ground. Charged powder particles are looking for earth ground to give up their extra ion and return to their neutral state. Any less than zero (0) ohms to ground compromises this ability.

What do you recommend for a ground circuit?

We believe that the proper ground path for a conveyorized coating line is as follows; it starts at a grounding rod sunk into moist soil (preferably located at the drip line of the building) 8 – 10 feet down being connected to an 8 ga. stranded copper wire that is run to a ground rub bar located outside the powder booth just above the booth and positioned to make contact with the part hook. In a batch booth we would connect the copper wire to the booth wall and then to a smaller copper wire with a spring clip on it to connect to the load cart.

How do I know I have a good ground?

We recommend the use of a Meg Ohm meter using a 500V or 1000V setting. Optimal readings should be as close to zero (0) ohms as possible.

What is a “pinch” valve?

A pinch valve is a pneumatic diaphragm valve that allows us to completely close down the powder line upstream of the powder injector (pump). The benefit of doing this is that we can purge the entire powder path from the injector to the gun without inducting powder into the line. This feature, coupled with our one touch purge button, allows us to clear the powder line