GX131 Lightweight Manual Powder Coating Gun

GX131 and GX121 Lightweight Manual Powder Coating Guns


  • Prime Feature Pulse Power is applicable with all controllers
  • High Voltage Source High voltage generator built into gun body
  • Gun Cable Input Voltage 24V as maximum (AC peak value)
  • Output Voltage 100 kV maximum (STD polarity: negative)
  • Short Circuit Current Set at 50 µA ( STD)
  • Weight GS131: 18.3 oz. (519 g)
  • GX121: 18.7 oz. (530 g)
  • Cable/Hoses Connection At grip bottom (STD)
  • Applicable Nozzles GX131: Fan Slit and Diffuser Nozzle (order one with unit). Adjustable fan, Long and Fine Barrel Nozzles
  • GX121: T-type Fan, P-type Fan, Swirl, Adjustable Fan, Diffuser, Long Barrel (Extension)