Powder Coating Guns


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Let Us Take Your Powder Coating Equipment to the Next Level 

 Powder Coating Booths Including Recovery Systems at Parker Ionics

Parker Ionics designs and builds high-tech powder coating equipment that takes your finish to the next level. Reduce waste, improve efficiency, and eliminate overspray.

With reliable powder coating equipment from Parker Ionics, you’ll be able to expand your capabilities and grow your business, without worrying if your equipment can keep up. Having the best powder coating equipment on the market means there'll be less prep time and you'll cover a larger surface during operation - saving you time and money!

As global leaders in powder coating technology, we offer competitively priced solutions that employ state-of-the-art technologies, focus on powder coating industry best practices, and are of the highest quality.

We offer a competitive price on all our in-stock powder coating equipment, including:

We’ll carefully work with you and your team to analyze the optimum powder coating equipment for your specific needs. We look forward to working with you - take the first step and shop today!

In Our Line of Work, You Are Only as Good as Your Finished Powder Coat Product

Powder Coating Spray Guns in Westland MI | Parker Ionics - powder-coating-content

At Parker Ionics, we believe investing in our powder coating technology and designing equipment that gives you exceptional results is more important than adding a bunch of features you typically never use in your powder coating process.

Our complete powder coating units for manual and automatic operation arrive to you 99% assembled. Everything you need to get started is contained within each unit. Parker Ionics powder coating guns utilize incoming air efficiently, provide excellent velocity, and deliver a consistent, full powder cloud.

One coat paint, multi-coats, metallics, clear- it doesn’t matter. Just one setting and you can do it all. Minimized back ionization and orange peel plus excellent Faraday cage penetration. Results in excellent coverage job after job!

Looking for Your Last Powder Coating Gun?

Parker Ionics is the Leading Supplier of the Only High-Tech Powder Coating System You'll Ever Need!

Powder Coating System at Parker Ionics

Parker Ionics is a leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of advanced powder coating systems, a high-quality powder spray booth, and powder coating guns and application equipment. Our low-maintenance manual and automatic electrostatic powder coat application equipment offer these enhanced benefits:

  • Transfer efficiency
  • Component flexibility
  • Durable, ergonomic design

You're only as good as the powder coat finish you produce, so make sure the powder coating guns and supplies you're using perform consistently and efficiently, with every job!

Get the Tools and Equipment You Need to Produce Amazing Results!

Painting Access with Powder Coating Accessories and Replacement Parts in Westland MI - Parker Ionics

Find the best tools the powder coating industry has to offer. Not only does Parker Ionics sell equipment specially designed to powder coat large objects or for large jobs, but we also offer additional resources and training.

Our powder coat experts can help your perfect your powder coating technique so you can complete powder coat projects in less time, reduce your cost to operate, and reap the benefits of a pristine powder coat finish!

Fill out our contact form today or call (734) 326-7630. We're happy to talk about your project, schedule a demonstration, recommend a tool or accessory, or sign you up for a class.