4 Reasons Parker Ionics Powder Coating is Key to Manufacturing Success

Generally, when a manufacturer gains success in this competitive market, leadership begins to ask the question: How can we continue to improve our product for the benefit of our clients and suppliers and do it efficiently and effectively?  This question is very important. Some companies even organize special teams and hire experts to analyze and test every aspect of the business until this goal is reached. This process takes time and a noteworthy amount of money to solve.

Parker Ionics of Westland, MI offers a cost effective solution to the question that challenges many manufacturers. The answer is powder coating.  The first response may be “my products do not have a coat-able material.”  Think about this. Consider the fact that powder coating technology has developed to the point that the process can successfully coat:

Most metals
Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
Among others
Many companies are currently implementing a wet or spray coating method for finishing their products.  Though this methodology seems cost effective, Parker Ionics wants companies to consider these four reasons why powder coating is a superior finishing method:

Powder not only improves the look of products, it strengthens them as well.  A powder coated product will last up to four times longer than a spray finished product.
Spray finishes crack, chip, fade and otherwise can become quickly compromised. With powder coating, products look good longer and last.
When using wet or spray finishing methods, excess material that does not bond to the product is lost.  Since powder coating is a dry process, unbonded powder can be reclaimed and reused.  This means much lower material costs.
With Parker Ionics Pulse Power technology, more powder is bonded with each pass than other powder guns can achieve.  That means less time a product has to spend on the production floor.
Not only does powder cost less and last longer than spray finishing methods, it is also better for the environment!  Powder coating requires no HAPs and releases no VOCs, unlike spray finishing.  It is important to make the choice that will send your business to the top of its market,  call Parker Ionics today.