4 Different Benefits of Powder Coating for Companies Using Parker Ionics

Parker Ionics in Westland, MI has a question for manufacturers. What can powder coating do for your product?  Many companies may be inclined to say very little because they might not know of the advantages. What Parker Ionics wants to do is challenge manufacturers to discover for themselves the capabilities and benefits of modern powder coating because they are surprising.

There are many manufactured goods, such as goods made out of metallic substrates that are obvious candidates for powder coating.  But there are also others, each made of MDF (medium density fiberboard), wood, glass and sometimes even other substrates that may qualify for powder coating.  To learn more contact our service center,

Four clear benefits of powder coating are undeniable:

Extends the life of a product by 300-400%
Strengthens a product by providing a resilient, hardened exterior and moisture barrier
Reduces production costs by minimizing waste, since powder is re-useable.  Learn more on how Parker Ionics powder coating can lower a manufacturer’s overall costs and impact here.
Brings variety to a product line.  Changing powders is simple and fast, so altering coating thickness, color, and sheen is much easier and faster than other coating methods.
Along with providing these benefits, Parker Ionics has even more to offer.  All of our powder coating equipment comes standard with our patented Pulse Power technology.  This technology allows our products to deliver a higher production quality than other powder coating equipment.  The specific charging method allows more material to bond to the substrate per pass, which means less time on the floor and thus better manufacturing efficiency.

More goods manufacturers can benefit from powder coating than they think.  For questions about the coating ability of a specific product, to troubleshoot an existing system, or to begin implementing a powder coating system contact Parker Ionics today.